Tuesday, July 15, 2008


lately i have not had any inspiration in the photo dept. i have been distracted by so many other things going on. its like i have to MAKE myself take photographs. i have been wanting to do other creative things, all the while my cameras are getting dusty. i guess it can be good to step away from it for a minute, to recharge. especially since im going to up to neck in photography in a month or so with my senior show. (something im still so apprehensive about bc i have changed my mind about a million times as to what im going to do it on)

so today i decided to look through flickr to see if there was anything that didnt bore me to death. i stumbled upon this guys photostream and he makes me want to run out with my FILM cameras take lovely old images and even do some alternative process. how i miss the wet labs. i wish i had unlimited access to them so i could go in the middle of the night (its seems thats the only time im free) and a friend to go with me (bc the lab is always more fun when there is at least two).



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