Thursday, July 31, 2008

the entertainment post?

ok. i need to slow my roll on the reading. i have started eclipse. (i couldnt resist and wait until friday) i really want to read it fast bc im enjoying it so, and the 4th book comes out saturday, but the sooner i finish it, the sooner it would be over. :( oh wells. get it while you can. (ps another thing i found out about this series is that the author is LDS. extra points!)

BUT! i think i will finally get to see the new batman today! YAY! thanks to the $3 theater we have around here. everyone says its so great, and heath does a fab job in his final performance. im a bit of a sucker for comic/graphic novel movies. i have always loved them. i scored the new superman this week for only $5! i was thinking to start a comic movie collection (have quite a few for starts) in addition to a quintin tarantino collection. we all know how i feel about edward norton, so i have that one covered! (just need the illusionist) now that i think about it, a fellini collection would be nice too.... oh i ramble. to sum it all up, i LOVE watching movies.

also, is anyone out there? i wanna hear from you! lea is my faithful one and only. :P

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The George Eastman House....

....has added a few sets to the flickr commons. OH FABULOUSNESS!!! the autocrome set is my fav! (click on the pic to see it larger)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

new moon

alrighty! got new moon finished! it totally stinks that i have to wait until i get paid on friday to get the next one eclipse. this series is great!

the finches

i recently descovered a duo called "the finches". i really like what they have going on. plus, their have some really nice cover art. looks like a wood or linoleum cut.

Monday, July 28, 2008

it would be nice

today i would like to go to the movies. its been a long time since i went. or old school coney island. i've never been.

wont do either. :(

Friday, July 25, 2008

sweaty lunch

so im driving home for my lunch break, to let the pooches out and my car starts making some funny noise. im on the phone with my granny and am like, 'granny my car is making a noise, what is it?' she said it sounded like a waterfall over the phone. im the in ghetto but pull over anyways and see my tire 'aint right'. gran sends over the cousin and i spend my entire lunch break sweating by sam cooper blvd. not fun. bc i didnt have anymore time and im broke i had to eat some crap for lunch too. suck. here are some fun pics.

my tires new hair do. do you likes?

the house i was parked by. actually i look at this house everyday when i pass by. i kinda like looking at it, but at the same time, i dont really want to be alone with it. its in a place that you need a friend to be with you. hopefully a really big manly friend. like my cousin.

the weeds while i waited. i have always thought some weeds were really nice looking, in their own right.

ps. all these pics look wierd to me. like my camera setting are off, but this is all auto, and im not shoppin' anything b4 i post, so i suppose, you get what you get.

while the cats away...

my boss has been out of town the last couple of days, so what have i been doing? READING!! YAY!! i am almost done with the book and its really good. i guess im a little late on reading this series, (everyone else is like 'been there, done that') and cant wait to get started on the rest of it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

free at last, free at last!

some times

i really

want to


my head.

Monday, July 21, 2008

flowers and bugs

i went to lowe's like 5 times this weekend. i really like visiting that store for the most part, and one of favorite things to do is go to the garden department. i like to walk around all the flowers and trees and elephant ears and dream of having a big yard full of tall trees and flowers and bugs and a pond and fish and all sorts of wonderful outdoor stuff! here are some photos i took while dreaming....

it flys by

it seems as though the two days i get off are just enough time for me to run around like a headless chicken, and fall into bed on sunday night dreading the monday morning alarm. a few things i crossed off my to-do list this weekend:
----i finally got my new/old sofa repaired and mostly covered. (at least its in a presentable way) i spray painted my funky lamps that came with sofa and got things kind of put together.
----in turn i made my list longer with visions of things i want to do further. (ie window treatments, something to hide the washer/dryer, figure out what to hang on the wall, decide if i want the tv in the living room or spare room -its so hideous to me-, what about my snow globes, blah blah blah it goes on and on)
----i made a few thank you cards for the people that helped me with my struggles.
----got all my weekly shopping done, and even studied my gross math. >:(
also, while i was eating some cherries, CHERRY stole one out of the bowl! so of course i had to take a pic of her eyeing them. lola was too, but she didnt have the moxie to jump up and steal one.

Friday, July 18, 2008

lola's life

i realized looking through my photobucket that i have a progression of lola's cutie-pa-tootie life!

i really need $220 plus shipping.....

one of my favorite contemporary artists is having a print sale. she doesnt do it very often, and they sell out very quickly. if i had the money to blow...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

please and thank you

everything on this site:

also, lets go the ceramics room so i can make one of these birds! now, why didn't i think of that?
made by ria charisse

oh my!

i just remembered i have a pinhole camera that i have NEVER used! thanks mom! *excitement* lets add to the growing pile 0f undeveloped film. (or i could just do color and have some one else process it. sneaky sneaky)
the above photos by:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a day to do

1. load a roll of film.
2. shoot in the morning.
3. process in the afternoon.
4. print in the evening.

5. see if i can actually do this.


lately i have not had any inspiration in the photo dept. i have been distracted by so many other things going on. its like i have to MAKE myself take photographs. i have been wanting to do other creative things, all the while my cameras are getting dusty. i guess it can be good to step away from it for a minute, to recharge. especially since im going to up to neck in photography in a month or so with my senior show. (something im still so apprehensive about bc i have changed my mind about a million times as to what im going to do it on)

so today i decided to look through flickr to see if there was anything that didnt bore me to death. i stumbled upon this guys photostream and he makes me want to run out with my FILM cameras take lovely old images and even do some alternative process. how i miss the wet labs. i wish i had unlimited access to them so i could go in the middle of the night (its seems thats the only time im free) and a friend to go with me (bc the lab is always more fun when there is at least two).


obi wan kenobi

STOP THE CUTENESS!!! go look at this link bc the pic isnt right click-able.

Monday, July 14, 2008

so TWEET! i dont know how to post links properly, so hope fully that will lead you to her shop.
i fell in love with these little prints!
if that doesnt work here ETSY name is: kwilson544

oh the frustration

i aquired this really neat sofa circa 1950/60's. it sits low to the ground, sleek lines, and the end tables are attached. i spent all saturday morning trying to recover it, bc it was covered in this gross burnt orange floral pattern. the biggest part i got finished. i found myself at a breathing point (all i needed to do was recover the pillows) so i placed all the furniture where i wanted it, put the lamps on the tables, and junked it up with cute stuff (cant stand a bare top or empty wall). the only set back was the old thing was like a jello jiggler it was so unstable. i chose to ignore this fact and went on with my life thinking, "it'll be FIIIIINNNEEE". so la-de-da lets invite my sister and her boyfriend over to watch a movie. la-de-da lets sit on it and eat m&m's. la-de-da lets have BOTH the back legs break completely off and m&m's go flying in the air while we are sitting on it!!!

it was really funny, but also kinda sad. *insert pouty face here* sigh. so now it is turned on its side in defeat. like some kinda wounded animal. the zebra with the broken leg, waiting to be eaten in "the life of pi" comes to mind. luckily there are no tigers on board and i know how mend a broken limb(with mamy-kins help).....

ps. i'll be posting before and afters of the sofa when im all done mending it.

felted animals

i bought this book this weekend, and cant wait to get started! so many project ideas!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

road side randomness

i guess people put these things up so you will stop. well, it worked. i mean, how many times have you seen a giant pink elephant, with glasses, drinking a martini, AND a nazi indian?

p&s macro

i have a little point and shoot that i always carry with me, for "just in case-ies". i have recently found i really enjoy using the macro setting on it. so, here are some pictures of marbles, candy, and a school bus window that i took on my travels this past weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i found this not too long ago. i wish i could remember where.....

in progress

this weekend i shot a few rolls of film. with each frame i imagined there being some sort of out of place creature in them. i am interested to see how they turn out, bc basically i was taking a picture of something that wasnt there.

later, i would like to add the creatures by painting them in. (we will see how my painting skills are!) i was thinking to print the photos on water color paper or some other high quality artist paper. i havent ever tried this (printing a photo on paper and then painting it) or personally know any one else so has, so there will probably be a lot of trial and error. this is a far cry from the types of images i normally shoot (portraits) and i am seriously thinking of going this way for my senior thesis.

also, i didnt realize my holga was on the "B" setting (thats like a bulb setting, as long as you hold the shutter, its open). so i hope there are any pictures at all. anyways, i think i like taking pictures of something that is in my mind, and not in reality.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


i told myself i was going to use all 50 rolls of 120 film (for my holga) this summer. i have only used three. on top of that, i havent even developed them. ): i have decided this is going to change. for the love of film!

***update: July 30, 2008- i have taken about half of them, but not processed any. so now i have a jar of unprocessed film. i like to think that makes me like diana arbus. pfft!***

to begin

"all art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oysters autobiography" -Frederico Fellini