Monday, July 14, 2008

oh the frustration

i aquired this really neat sofa circa 1950/60's. it sits low to the ground, sleek lines, and the end tables are attached. i spent all saturday morning trying to recover it, bc it was covered in this gross burnt orange floral pattern. the biggest part i got finished. i found myself at a breathing point (all i needed to do was recover the pillows) so i placed all the furniture where i wanted it, put the lamps on the tables, and junked it up with cute stuff (cant stand a bare top or empty wall). the only set back was the old thing was like a jello jiggler it was so unstable. i chose to ignore this fact and went on with my life thinking, "it'll be FIIIIINNNEEE". so la-de-da lets invite my sister and her boyfriend over to watch a movie. la-de-da lets sit on it and eat m&m's. la-de-da lets have BOTH the back legs break completely off and m&m's go flying in the air while we are sitting on it!!!

it was really funny, but also kinda sad. *insert pouty face here* sigh. so now it is turned on its side in defeat. like some kinda wounded animal. the zebra with the broken leg, waiting to be eaten in "the life of pi" comes to mind. luckily there are no tigers on board and i know how mend a broken limb(with mamy-kins help).....

ps. i'll be posting before and afters of the sofa when im all done mending it.

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