Monday, July 21, 2008

it flys by

it seems as though the two days i get off are just enough time for me to run around like a headless chicken, and fall into bed on sunday night dreading the monday morning alarm. a few things i crossed off my to-do list this weekend:
----i finally got my new/old sofa repaired and mostly covered. (at least its in a presentable way) i spray painted my funky lamps that came with sofa and got things kind of put together.
----in turn i made my list longer with visions of things i want to do further. (ie window treatments, something to hide the washer/dryer, figure out what to hang on the wall, decide if i want the tv in the living room or spare room -its so hideous to me-, what about my snow globes, blah blah blah it goes on and on)
----i made a few thank you cards for the people that helped me with my struggles.
----got all my weekly shopping done, and even studied my gross math. >:(
also, while i was eating some cherries, CHERRY stole one out of the bowl! so of course i had to take a pic of her eyeing them. lola was too, but she didnt have the moxie to jump up and steal one.

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