Friday, July 25, 2008

sweaty lunch

so im driving home for my lunch break, to let the pooches out and my car starts making some funny noise. im on the phone with my granny and am like, 'granny my car is making a noise, what is it?' she said it sounded like a waterfall over the phone. im the in ghetto but pull over anyways and see my tire 'aint right'. gran sends over the cousin and i spend my entire lunch break sweating by sam cooper blvd. not fun. bc i didnt have anymore time and im broke i had to eat some crap for lunch too. suck. here are some fun pics.

my tires new hair do. do you likes?

the house i was parked by. actually i look at this house everyday when i pass by. i kinda like looking at it, but at the same time, i dont really want to be alone with it. its in a place that you need a friend to be with you. hopefully a really big manly friend. like my cousin.

the weeds while i waited. i have always thought some weeds were really nice looking, in their own right.

ps. all these pics look wierd to me. like my camera setting are off, but this is all auto, and im not shoppin' anything b4 i post, so i suppose, you get what you get.


Anonymous said...

This situation must have sucked. And, yes, you should come visit me sometime!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The new lighting studio is on south campus. Fun stuff.

There was a tent revival in Columbus so I took a photo of the tent, because it looked cool.