Thursday, July 31, 2008

the entertainment post?

ok. i need to slow my roll on the reading. i have started eclipse. (i couldnt resist and wait until friday) i really want to read it fast bc im enjoying it so, and the 4th book comes out saturday, but the sooner i finish it, the sooner it would be over. :( oh wells. get it while you can. (ps another thing i found out about this series is that the author is LDS. extra points!)

BUT! i think i will finally get to see the new batman today! YAY! thanks to the $3 theater we have around here. everyone says its so great, and heath does a fab job in his final performance. im a bit of a sucker for comic/graphic novel movies. i have always loved them. i scored the new superman this week for only $5! i was thinking to start a comic movie collection (have quite a few for starts) in addition to a quintin tarantino collection. we all know how i feel about edward norton, so i have that one covered! (just need the illusionist) now that i think about it, a fellini collection would be nice too.... oh i ramble. to sum it all up, i LOVE watching movies.

also, is anyone out there? i wanna hear from you! lea is my faithful one and only. :P

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