Friday, August 1, 2008

bathroom re-do

right now i have some wierd stuff in my bathroom. i painted the strawberry/heart from across the universe on the wall with the beatles because lyrics "love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you". then i let several of my friends paint their favorite beatles lyrics on the wall too. the whole bathroom is khaki, white, black and red. i had this idea of everyone painting their fav lyrics and the wall being coverd, but it hasnt really panned out that way. so naturally im getting bored and wanna change it.

i know design wise, the whole blue/brown thing has probably died out, but i have wanted to do a room in it for a while. since i wont do my bedroom in cool colors (did once, loved the look of it, but not living in it) im thinking to do the bath....

i would love to get a demask (#5)curtain or if i can afford a neat retro pattern (to match the living room feel). was thinking to put some bird(#3) or perhaps sea creatures (ie. octopus/squid, real stylized) decal in brown on the blue wall. cant really decide if i wanna go funky or glam like the marcia cross trailer (#2) in traditional home. what do you think?

blue/brown image numbered clockwise starting with bedroom:
#1 bedroom
#2 marcia cross trailer
#3 bird wall decal
#4 bathroom stuff
#5 demask pattern

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