Friday, August 29, 2008


photo by Nick Brandt

this morning i dreamed of wild animals living in my back yard. there were all kinds. predator and prey were living in harmony. i was sitting at the window watching all of them. i was very happy.

then the dream (as usual) took an odd turn. in my house (of course this house was one i have never seen in real life) behind the futon was a young male lion. the futon had its back to the huge ceiling to floor window that i was looking out of and he was just lazily looking out of the window too.

we realized we should probably not be in the room with this lion (even though he was like our pet but we knew how unpredictable wild animals can be) so we tried to quietly sneak out. as we were shutting the door, he heard us and ran to the door. we were able to shut the door in time but now he could smell us and the dogs we have and he wanted out of the room.

the door had a big space under it and he could fit his paws and nose through. the whole family became scared that he would get out and try to eat us or our dogs and cats. frantically we hurried to put the cats and dogs in another room. naturally the dogs were going crazy and cherry (my poodle) managed to jump out of my arms. when she got to the door the lion was able to fit under the door bc he wanted her so bad. cherry ran very fast to me and then we were all trying to get the lion out the front door. lola (my other poodle) ran out the front door and the lion chased her.

luckily she was able to get away and the lion was sulking around the front yard looking for trouble just like the way mischievous cats can be. this is when i woke up.

i sure was happy looking at all my animals living peacefully in the backyard though. for the most part it wasnt like i was scared of the lion either. i just knew he was young and didnt understand and liked to play too rough sometimes. i just wanted to make sure everyone (including the lion) was ok.

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen could help you with the zoo thing (getting access, close access). Flickr message her.