Tuesday, August 5, 2008

morbid facination

yesterday i was walking around my neighborhood taking photos and saw a dead locust with ants on it. i bent down to take a photo of it, and questioned myself.
why was i taking a photo of this?
i knew i found it interesting, the way the world consumes itself, and how i could actually take a moment to get a good look at the bugs without worry. just like going into abandoned spaces and loving the textures time has created in the space, imagining the people and life that once inhabited the space. i have often thought about why so many artist are interested in things like: old, abandoned, decay, dead, morbid, dark, scary, etc. i myself am included in this. even some of the most "sugar on top" artist i know, still return to this genre every now and then. any insight?

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Shana said...

HAHAH my world.