Monday, September 22, 2008

fair days

apparently this is the last year for the fair to be in memphis (again)

so we went during the day. i took lots of holga pics (that i have yet to process) and TONS of petting zoo photos with my point and shoot. we kept going back to the petting zoo. i have decided that i really want a pygmy goat or a yak. but really i want the yak. SO BAD!! or a zebra, she was so nice and pretty.



camel (lets not get started on my love affair with camels. i stood in a trance for like 20 minutes one time watching one walk. their feet do the strangest things, and those INSANE eyelashes!!!)

also like to visit the exhibits and art competitions. Homer Simpson below was my fav of the childrens stuff.
a usual, there are more pics on my flickr.

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