Thursday, August 21, 2008

can anybody help a sista out?

photo by Nick Brandt

i have been wanting to photograph exotics for a VERY long time. i kinda got to a little bit with last sememsters project. (see my flickr for the pics) but i really want to get into it. seeing as i cant just hop on a train to the sahara or jungle or anything, i would like to visit the zoo. the type of photos i have in mind are close/detail shots. especially of elphants, hippos, and other large delightful creatures. are they not completely facinating and dont we all need to be more aware?

SO does ANYONE know ANYBODY in with zoo? keepers, vets, directors, whatever! i know if i could just talk with someone, they would maybe let me. (a girl can dream!) i mean, how does one get into the zoo circle? they are so exclusive.

help please.

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