Thursday, August 21, 2008

a very long blog about CUPCAKES!!!!

so i think everyone knows about how much i love CUPCAKES. i recently found out about CUPCAKE LOLIPOPS. how fun is that? i have a few things planned this weekend and im pretty sure i will be taking some to at least one of them. *excitement*

i think this is the lovely lady who made these up:

im always trying to think of fun ways to fancy-up my cupcakes so this might have to be my next book purchase.

also, how is that i have not known about johnny cupcakes? this place looks like totally rad. look shana! its right by tarina tarantino, why didnt you tell me?

i think this shirt would look nice on me. thanks johnny cupcakes. please send me one.

1 comment:

Shana said...

I have pictures in johnny cupcakes... HAHAHHA
HAHAH yep its next door awwwwwwww theres my city. :) hehehe.
<3 ummmmmm how fucking magical are those cupcake lolipops ummm I WANT THEM ALLLLL.... alllllllllll i love them.
magical... lets make some.