Tuesday, September 30, 2008


for some reason we all had to leave, and we had to leave quickly. i knew about a week before everyone else and left to this beautiful place not unlike a pecan farm from my past. it was so nice with cows and sheep roaming freely.

when everyone else began to arrive in the buses, we began to see many faces from our past. but then i saw myself. it was the 'me' that would have been if i hadnt left a week early. myself and others debated over whether i should get the other 'me' to stay with us or not, bc most people were taking a train to a far away place. the others thought i should leave the other 'me' to her own.

i looked over at the other 'me' and saw how confused she was and sad. so i knew right away that i should not leave her. i walked around to the side of the bus and there she was wearing my black skirt with lace on the hem, and my shirt with polka dots and pink flowers. as soon as she saw me, we reached our hands out, touched each other, and knew everything.

from that moment on, we would just tell everyone we were twins.


Shana said...

this is awesome.

Shen Wei said...

Oh, you know this is my favorite book!