Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a thought on the digital age...

i see images every where that have been "cross processed", have crazy tonal changes, or have been OBVIOUSLY manipulated. i am not too sure what i think about the digital age of photography. some photographers i see, seem to alter every image they share. i can see the appeal (and in some cases the need) to use the different manipulations, i just dont feel the need to do it ALL the time.

then i start to think about how i NEVER alter anything. most of the images i share with people are straight out of my camera, rarely changing more than the white balance, or in the case of people, removing a blemish. so what does this say about me? am i going to be left behind because i dont "mess" with the image? (its not that i dont know how to change it, i just dont) am i just old fashioned? i cling to color film and the wet dark room still.

this is something i have thought about often. i would like hear some other view points

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Shana said...

i totally feel u on this... we are naturalists... we like true photography.